Hail Protection Net Throughout the Growing Season

You Minimize the Risk of Hail Damage with Hail Protection Net

Choose Long-term Solution for Anti-hail Protection

Farmers and gardeners grow fruits and vegetables under a constant threat of hail. This weather trouble emerges sometimes as the devastating storm which can damage the property in many ways. Not only that it can break windows or hit vehicles but it can turn your thriving orchard, vineyard or vegetable garden into an asset of decreased value. Hail protection net is a reliable ally throughout the growing season. This kind of crop net guarantees peaceful mind, especially in spring and summer when the hail risk increases. Breeding and cultivation is a demanding job that requires a lot of effort throughout the year. Especially if you have done all by the rule, from planting to harvesting, you should throw attention to outside threats and prevent possible damage that hailstorm can cause. Installing of the hail protection net is not the short-term solution. On the contrary, this investment pays off and amortizes the costs in no time. Some of the biggest advantages are the durability and multi-purpose feature of the netting. Only the high-density UV-protected Polyethylene is considered as the supreme quality material that promises many years of successful service. Replacing the hail net after each season is waste of time, money, and energy. Once you have decided to invest in hail protection, it should be at least for the next five years, and you cannot make a compromise when it comes to the material the net is made of. 

Fruit damaged by hail

Hail is a big problem because in addition to damaging the fruits of crops also destroys the windows of cars and houses.

Structural Integrity Protects the Best

Severe hailstorms are natural hazards that can make damage greater than that made by other devastating phenomena, such as earthquakes, floods, and cyclones. Due to climate changes, extreme weather occurs more often than before, and so does hail, even in climates for which it is not typical. Hail protection net is placed over the crop, and if it hasn’t installed properly, it can crash on the plants. Reinforced edges guarantee the stability and buttonholes at every inch enable joining to the structure. A serious approach to the protection of your investment from hail considers quality netting along with the quality supporting structure. Structural integrity is what provides reliability. Protective canopies are very popular among farmers all over the world for their persistence in extreme hail fall. The whole system of hail protection net works in the way that it directs hail outside the structure, reducing the load and pressure. It withstands heavy falls minimizing the risk of potential damage. The applied net is stable and non-stretching. It will not wear after several seasons in use. Especially in orchards, hail netting is efficient against insects and birds. It is a physical barrier that is an unbeatable obstacle for pests. The implementation of the quality anti-hail netting saves your money and provides all protection you need in one. Some systems allow additional options, for example, side-cloths which, besides hail, protect from wind and pests. One extra benefit of having this installation is that it protects the plants from sunburns allowing the optimum of sunlight. 

Hail Protection Net

The hail protection network must be placed on the plants if not installed correctly can crash the plants.

Defoliation, Bacterial and Fungi Infections as a Result of Hail Damage

Being prepared for extreme conditions is what makes you a responsible farmer who protects his investment and cares for the crop. The potential loss of the yield after violent storms depends on the time the hailstorm occurred. It is necessary to be careful with evaluating the consequences, especially in the early season. Have the patience to wait for 7 to 10 days after the hail and give a chance your crop to start recovering. Unless you have protected the crop with hail protection net, start the recovery plan with the number of remaining live plants. If the hail occurred at the beginning of the season, you can count on the yield with the loss but some damaged plants will still have enough time to recover. However, hail may occur throughout the season and not only as an early-season event, and therefore protection is so important. The installation of the reliable protection on time might have prevented much higher costs of the crop recovery. The type of the damage after hailstorm is unpredictable, and it depends on many factors but defoliation is one of the most common. It can decrease the corn yield up to 23% which is almost one-quarter of the harvest. Hail damaged field is also exposed to a variety of plant pathogens both, bacterial and fungi. The infection starts in open plant wounds, and it can then easily spread onto the healthy plants as well. Warm weather and moist contribute to spreading disease.  

Hail netting installed in a crop field

The disadvantage of not installing the hail protection network is that the damages can be unpredictable and the profits would be lost.

Protect the Crop Instead of Recover It

Natural hail events are common and unstoppable, but we can prevent the damage hail causes. Every crop has its own specifications, and hail protection net must adjust to the purpose in corn crop as well as in the orchard. Farmers should consider several important factors before they approach anti-hail netting installation. Weather history and environmental conditions testify about the hail risk over the year. If you estimate that your asset is seriously endangered, anti-hail netting is a certain investment that will keep your crop safe for years. The supporting structure that fits your crop and the quality UV-protected Polyethylene netting have been designed to transfer the load to the ground. The number of internal posts in the supporting structure differs according to the size of the crop. The netting is not stretchable and it will not bend under pressure, and enable ponds of hail to create load. Since there is little movement, the heavy wind will not affect the netting and move it from its place. Such sturdiness demands almost no maintenance except to roll it up at the end of the growing season. Rolling-up and stretching over the vineyards, vegetable gardens or other kinds of crops are fast and easy, making the use of hail protection net simple. Rolled-up net has a small diameter, and it does not disturb other activities. 

How the thermal blanket works as a hail blankets

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